10 Things to look for when hiring a design professional


Experience: There is no substitute for experience. 


An Office: Your first meeting should be in a professional’s office. That office may be in the
designer’s home but should be in a designated area.


Examples of work: While in a designer’s office ask to see some of their latest work.


Reference Materials: Today’s design professionals must stay on the cutting edge of their
profession to compete. This requires a great deal of reference material.


Finished Projects: Ask to see photographs and request addresses of actual homes that have
been built in a design similar to the one you are considering.


References: Try to obtain a current list of former clients who you may contact to discuss the
designer’s past performance.


Contract: A professional building designer always has a contract or agreement for your review
that covers such items as the fee and terms of payment, as well as the specific services that will
be rendered for specified fees.


Professional Affiliation: Makes the statement that this individual maintains high moral and
professional standards within the building design profession.


Seals on Drawings: You don’t have to seek an engineer after you leave your designer. Your
plans are stamped off by a registered engineer if required by building officials.


Continuing education: Vital for building designers to improve their professionalism and to stay
informed of the many advances in the building and design industries.